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Your property, whether residential or commercial, represents one of your greatest financial investments. It deserves the thought, time, quality and efforts of a reliable roofing firm. We at Charles Roy Roofing take pride in delivering excellent service at a reasonable cost and we stand behind every job that we do.

Charles Roy Roofing is a member of the NRCA, FRSA and SMRSA as well as the Home Builders Association of Manatee and Sarasota Counties. We are also certified by the state as both a general contractor and roofing contractor and are authorized to perform work throughout the state. We want you to feel confident that Charles A. Roy Roofing offers quality service in every way. We perform all work to current building and roofing codes and we use only approved materials that meet all ASTM standards.

We look forward to serving you as a valued customer. At Charles Roy Roofing we build pride and reliability into every job.

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